Services offered

Services Offered

I can provide a range of  services including.

Who these services are for

If you are applying for planning permission for any project large or small you will need to provide evidence that you have considered biodiversity and wildlife. I can guide you through this process helping to produce supporting information that is appropriate and increases the chance permission will be granted without delays.

If you have any wildlife on your land, particularly badgers, newts or bats you could risk prosecution if you want to build on or otherwise change that land. I can help you avoid this by identifying the issues and how to resolve them within the law.

If you are involved in the planning or design of new buildings I can help you fit your plans to the local ecology to meet standards like BREEAM and the code for sustainable homes that are increasingly required.

If you are a community group involved in managing land or developing new facilities I can help you maximise benefits to nature conservation.

If you are a business looking to improve your impacts on nature and biodiversity I can help identify ways to do so through managing your land in an appropriate way.