Ecological Field Surveys

The following surveys can be carried out to support planning decisions or site management or for information only and will be reported appropriately.

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

This service combines a desktop study as described above with a Phase 1 Habitat Survey done to published standards and will be conducted and reported in line with draft guidance produced by the Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management. Depending on your requirements this survey can support a site management plan or a planning application and would be suitable as a means of scoping for the ecology work required for a formal Environmental Impact Assessment. This type of survey would also identify if any additional ecology work would be needed to meet your requirements.

Medium size mammal surveys (badger, otter, water vole)

I can carry out these surveys for your site according to nationally recognised survey standards and produce a full survey report tailored to your requirements.

Great crested newt and other amphibian surveys

Great crested newts are protected under European law and a licence is required for the accepted survey techniques. I hold survey licences for England and Wales and can carry out these surveys for information or to support a planning application, licence application or site management plan as discussed above.

The survey methods used for great crested newts can also be adapted to survey other species of amphibians such as frogs, toads and other newts.

Reptile Survey

Common reptiles are protected from killing or injury and are found on a wide variety of sites. I can advise on the level of survey needed for your requirements, carry these out and design and implement mitigation measures to protect reptiles on your site.

Small Mammal Survey

Often overlooked in ecology surveys small mammals (rodents and shrews)are a crucial part of many ecosystems providing a valuable food source for predators. Information on these animals can improve your site management plan or the ecological mitigation associated with your planning application.  I can carry out signs surveys and live trapping according to methods published by the Mammal Society and provide analysis of the results.