Subcontractors Policy

Selection of Subcontractors

Subcontractors may be selected to carry out additional ecological work beyond the capacity of one person or for related tasks such as habitat creation. A clear description of the required work will be drawn up and subcontractors will be selected on the basis of the match between their skills and the work and on meeting necessary qualifications.

Experience and skills will be assessed by review of CV’s and by interview either in person or remotely and by considering previous work.

Any subcontractor hired to conduct ecological surveys, monitoring or report writing must be a Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management or be in the process of applying for membership.

Any subcontractor hired for work requiring an individual protected species licence (e.g great crested newt surveys) must be in possession of such a licence at the time of appointment.

Any subcontractor hired for work involving the use of machinery must provide evidence that they are trained and insured for the use of that equipment.

Conditions of appointment

Work may be offered to other ecologists or to relevant other service providers on a subcontract basis provided that the following provisions are met.

  • The subcontractor must confirm in writing or by electronic mail that they will abide by my environmental, health and safety and equality policies or provide copies of their own equivalent policies that are not less stringent.
  • The subcontractor must confirm in writing or by electronic mail that they are registered with HMRC as a sole trader or limited company.
  • The subcontractor must confirm in writing or by electronic mail that they have no convictions under environmental, business or employment legislation and are not currently in breach of any of these.
  • The subcontractor must confirm in writing or by electronic mail that they have not been found guilty of professional misconduct by the Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management of any equivalent organisation.
  • The subcontractor must provide evidence of public liability insurance and in the case of any subcontractor responsible for ecological surveys professional indemnity insurance.
  • The subcontractor must provide evidence of any qualifications or licences required for the specific contract
  • The subcontractor must accept that in the event any of the above is found to be false the contract will be ended immediately.

Treatment of individual subcontractors

In using subcontractor ecologists the following principles will be observed

Equal pay.

Where an individual is subcontracted to my business to carry out ecological work I will pass onto that person the full amount billed to the client for their work, which shall be an equal daily or hourly rate to that charged for my own work. Additional work in co-ordinating subcontractors will be billed separately and kept separate from payments to the subcontractors. This policy is intended to properly reflect the value of subcontract ecologists and to provide clients with transparency regarding how their money is spent.


All team members will be encouraged to communicate freely with myself and each other about any matters relating to the work and to raise matters with any client representative who is willing to be contacted. For my part I will provide subcontractors with all the information relating to a project that is available to me. Clients will be made aware of these requirements and encouraged to adopt a similar openness.

Subcontracting to organisations with employees

Organisations with employees that are subcontracted to Matt Levan Ecologist will be expected to abide by the following principles in addition to their usual responsibilities.

  • The payment to employees should be proportionate to the amount billed with higher fees being reflected in higher wages.
  • The subcontract organisation is expected to adopt a communication policy similar to that above with staff free to approach myself regarding the work. Attempts to prevent communication between me as client and those carrying out work on my behalf may be considered grounds for terminating a contract.